The Ultimate Tim Richardson Carp Bait Making Secrets Course (EBook)

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At last 11 years after the famous Big carp bait secrets Ebook here is the totally game-changing 800 page, 350 plus photo ultimate instant bait making success secrets Ebook course, for beginners to the most experienced anglers!

This brand new absolutely proven epic Ebook answers 100s of the most vital bait questions from years of real bait tuitions given, and proven through highly refined exceptional baits, levels, combinations, processes, applications and truly exceptional catches, from countless tuition of all levels, clients again and again!

This is The Ultimate instant solution for beginners to experienced anglers, for the most genuinely proven, most truly optimised for feeding triggering, activated to the max external effects and internal impacts instant bait success! The long-awaited and keenly anticipated Ultimate Big Carp Bait Secrets Optimising and Maximising Homemade Bait Course! Its the replacement to actually having one, two or even three or more days tuition with Tim Richardson. Just like having Tim in your bait kitchen; in this immensely power-packed detailed course you get far more than can ever be revealed in even 2 or 3 of his most intensive fast-track beginner or expert bait tuition days!

Combining the best of decades-proven instant carp baits and his own personally unique processes, methods, refinements and applications for superior instant big fish bait making and success! Discover how to make instantly-acting superior homemade baits proven countless times against leading brand readymade baits!

How and why carp pick up baits in their mouth and how to make your baits as genuinely optimised and maximised for the most potent feeding stimulation, on multiple levels internally and externally; to always keep ahead of bait-induced fish caution and to maximise your big carp catches for life!

All in one place: The hows and whys, levels, ingredients, combinations and synergies, the vital processes and optimal methods, innovative cutting-edge secrets and creative dynamic edges, to always keep you ahead to catch more big carp and those much-sought after rarely-caught carp. The most instantly powerful, complete and fastest short-cut to big carp bait making success and on improving and defeating popular readymade baits!

1 review for The Ultimate Tim Richardson Carp Bait Making Secrets Course (EBook)

  1. Neil Jones

    Simply buy the E-books, it’s a wealth of information relating to carp and catfish, covering such things as feeding triggers, flavours, behaviour and the like. Thanks to Tim and some of the methods he employs throughout the books, I adapted these to my own fishing methods, my PB was at 15lb for a long time with blank after blank using top quality boilies frozen and shelflife but after trying some of the ideas from Tim I recently banked a new best pb 22.mirror carp on a notoriously hard Northern water employing his tactics, no one else caught around me, yet I got liners, bleeps, pick ups and drop offs all throughout my session!

    The books offer a way of thinking outside the box or norm, being successful and catching good carp does not need to be expensive buying readymades; Tim’s books prove that, and the great thing is I can adapt my bait for all seasons with the aim of catching substantial carp and catfish in the short or long run.

    If your new or old to carp and catfish fishing I highly recommend this as part of your armoury; its turned around my catch and success rate, it will do the same for you!”

    Neil Jones, Manchester.

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