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MAKE YOUR BIG CARP BAITS IRRESISTIBLE Vital Bait Secrets For All Carp Anglers!! PDF Print E-mail Massively improve your big carp catches! Exploit these vital homemade - readymade carp fishing bait secrets of boilies, pellets, paste, recipe components, stick and slop mixes, secret additives and ingredients, unique fishing bait formulations and recipes, fish senses secrets, vital feeding triggers, flavours secrets and more - hugely improve on all your readymade and homemade baits and catch many more big carp now!
bait_making_a_collection_of_dry_powders_for_boosting_readymade_and_homemade_baits_added_to_liquids.jpg2011_0321bait22mar0110080.jpgImagine being able to make your readymade and homemade boilies, pellets, particles, method, stick, spod mixes etc catch many more big fish than average anglers (AND with less bait costs...!) Revealed - new special bait super-boosting substances and methods for any water conditions or fishing challenges; make your baits super-irresistible based only on the most potently bioactive substances, 'true fish feeding triggers' and the most naturally irresistible incitants and attractors - to give you much improved catches for life (note: this carefully researched vital bait information goes beyond any magazine articles on baits expanding your awareness and bettering your catches - for life!)
Make your own unique homemade bioactive bait flavours - flavoured oils - essential oil and component mixtures (completely unique,) very economical amino acid and betaine-rich bait dips, soaks, glugs etc - endless edges over fish and other competing anglers' baits keeping you ahead of the herd for life! 





(Vital information guaranteed to make your baits catch more fish!)

THE VITAL CORE INFORMATION you need to improve your readymade baits and make the best homemade carp baits and totally control fish feeding! Read this first in the series of E-books!!!

For beginners / experienced bait makers this is the very best latest Information for making addictive and habit-forming instant and long-term carp baits! This exceptionally revealing exciting E-book is about REAL homemade and readymade bait design edges that potently manipulate fish feeding behaviours in your unique favour! Using BIOACTIVE - ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCES, habit-forming ingredients, secret extracts, internally active flavour components and fish growth factors etc to manipulate brain chemistry (mood and feeding behaviours) of fish. Make your fish far easier to catch big time!

* Be able to uniquely adapt your readymade and homemade boilies, pellets, spod and stick mixes,and ground baits, liquid foods, flavours, with a range of the most exciting individual and combined ingredients and complexes which you can make cheaply at home - and save a fortune! 



*Find out how to vitally exploit bait pH, bait movement and even sound; and how they impact upon fishes senses and change the water in your swim in powerful ways to grab attention of fish to create the most ideal conditions to catch them; many carp and catfish bait substances will not directly induce feeding but do other things such as making your baits different to all others, intensifying the impacts of feeding triggers and attractors, flavours etc.  Others alter fish DNA, manipulate and alter taste and smell preferences, boost fish metabolism, boost the immune system and make your bait work far better in different temperatures and water conditions... Sounds exaggerated? - Check out the massively eye-opening contents list NOW!  

43_lb__mirror_2005.jpg* How to trigger fish feeding, exploiting true feeding triggers, attractors, incitants; how to exploit fish senses and manipulate vital fish Feeding behaviours using bait substances (including both easy, quick and more complex methods)

* How and why to exploit fish olfaction and chemoreception; the water’s interaction with a bait's chemical properties and its impact on water and fish. An original homemade flavour making guide, an original flavours substances and components compatible blending of solubilities guide, a homemade flavour-infused oils making guide and masses more! See the huge contents list and also check out the rest of the totally eye-opening secrets ebooks in this truly unique original series!*




big_carp_and_catfish_bait_secrets_front.jpg2. "BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS" 

The "Big carp bait secrets" Ebook is continued in this E-book! The majority of the authors big carp were hooked using baits he originally designed by years of research and testing exploiting big catfish sensitivities - going on to catch even More big carp than ever before - even hooking the world record carp in 2006!!! Grab for yourself the amazing insights and secrets he discovered in years of testing and research and exploited to catch new pb after new pb...

* 170 pages absolutely filled with hundreds of practical secrets with actual big fish captures details and bait trade secrets to give you that critical edge everyone needs.

* Revealing top secret big carp and bait-making and readymade-bait beating information plus countless vital bait application edges essential to leverage your baits to maximum effect! Improve homemade and readymade bait performances and vital baiting applications to out-fish competing baits!

* How to improve, boost (and beat) readymade boilies, homemade baits, pellets, ground baits and PVA product mixes (of all forms), particles, natural baits and base mixes etc, pulling more pre-stimulated fish into your swim! Includes vital fish dietary and stimulatory requirements information for big carp, exploiting fish needs and their own behaviours and even inducing specific fish feeding modes to your own unique advantage!) 




* A vital guide on improving and adapting any leading readymade bait and on making outstandingly successful unique homemade baits for big fish! This E-book continues Big carp bait secrets, building practically upon the Big carp flavours and vital feeding triggers sensory system exploitation bait pH secrets" E-book; all 3 giving you the big picture; hugely empowering you to catch more big fish, illustrated with entertaining real life big fish catches and vital substances uses and applications and combination and out-of-the-box-mind-opening insight and resources - from a big carp angler of over 30 years bait experience!




big_carp_ebookcover.jpg 3. "BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS"

* Note: Please read the other 2 ebooks first before "Big carp bait secrets" and especially "Big carp and catfish flavours and vital feeding triggers (fish senses exploitation) Vital core bait recipe components and short-cuts to bigger catches and bait workings secrets!"* 

This 170-page E-Book when teamed with the revealing information in the rest of the series (NB: Not paper books) has literally caught readers their dream carp and catfish first session out after improving or adapting their baits and fishing approaches! 

The e-book "Big carp bait secrets" is the introduction to this unique E-book series so you can understand vital aspects on deeper levels, apply new knowledge in ways that puts you permanently years ahead of the average carp angler even to the degree of being able to control and monopolise the majority of fish feeding and fish location in many carp waters! (Tip: Remember all readymade baits originally began as homemade baits - refined and improved again and again to be the best of their time; now re-refine your own baits to make them ahead of their time! But test small batches of baits to learn more and more - this gives true confidence and invaluable fish feedback!) 

Read together as intended this unique 3 E-book series has completely transformed readers big carp catches in over 70 countries!


2010_0415molassedpelletbaits0102.jpg 4. "NOW PERSONAL BAIT DESIGN AND BAIT MAKING TUITION AVAILABLE" for boilies, pastes, spod, stick, method mixes, particle mixes, ground bait formulation etc in person /or phone / email:





Tim Richardson Crafty Carper magazine "Carp Food" columnist and has contributed to lots of magazines in Europe and is a bait consultant and bait expert in videos for CC Moore:



Steve Briggs: 'Carp Fishing World Champion' and 'International Carp Angler of the Year' on the Bait Secrets ebooks - "Tim, I've looked through what you've written and I'm amazed to say the least!! The amount of work and research that must of gone in  is staggering - there is everything you need to know about bait!  


Gary Bayes: "NASHBAITS" bait designer - on the ebooks "Some of this even goes over my head..."  

Sean Manning American Carp Society Director & Editor of "The American Carper"

"As a student of the Cyprinus Carpio and avid angler, I found the information in Tim Richardson's e-books to be very eye opening, revealing some of the more 'inside' secrets of a successful carp bait! I highly recommend anyone that has an interest in making their own bait to take advantage of his insight and experience. Tim has supplied articles for leading magazine 'The American Carper.'

Dave Sussex "I just had to let you know Tim, just 15 minutes into my session after making my new bait, I caught a fantastic new PB of 36LB! I'm over the moon. After trying for over three years with a PB staying stubbornly at 27LB, I finally done it. Using your E-books transformed me as an angler and given my confidence back. I understand so much now! I only wish I'd had your E-books years ago!"

Phil Stockwell ( The ebooks series has given me my most successful season ever for big carp and catfish." 

Martin Devreux Using your bait secrets series I caught over sixty 20LB+ fish in just 3 days fishing from a hard water too - the regulars were as amazed as I was." 

* The author has used this knowledge from 30+ years of carp and cat fishing to catch many big 30 and 40 pound carp in the UK; some in in the national press, competition wins, national award nominations, etc.

Keith Trueman "Betterman Balanced Baits", UK  "What can I say Tim, the only really had time for a quick browse of the e-books (loads of bait to roll) - in short you are a credit to carp and to the guys who roll the sweets for me. These e-books are priceless containing everything I need to know and more and I know so invaluable to my needs. Many thanks for your knowledge and for sharing your secrets with us." 

Dave J, Kent The bait secrets ebooks series caught me and my brother 125 carp in a day to 22LB fishing a water where we normally catch up to 20 carp each a day! - I gave up cos my arms were too tired and I ran out of bait! All I can say is Wow - the newer Flavours and feeding triggers ebook massively improved my understanding of bait design - awesome!" 

Nigel L, Essex "Tim I have spoken to you a few times at the syndicate a good few years ago now. I have to say I don't usually respond to fishing mags an sites saying things as I just think its 90% hype aimed at getting the pennies, but I have seen your captures myself so I know this is different! Thanks so much for your invaluble help - after using your bait secrets ebooks my new 'pb' is now (new update 43.4LB) - after years of trying!" 

UK "Angler's Mail" Tim Richardson is nominated as one of the 12 contenders Nash Tackle Carp Cup 2005/2006 along with other well known and highly respected carp anglers, Nigel Sharpe, Simon Davey and Dave Levey.   

"Carp Talk" "In 2 separate trips Tim Richardson produced a 46.4LB mirror and this 45.4LB common. (He also tempted a 30LB brace with a 30+LB common and a 30+LB mirror from another water recently.) All of his fish falling for homemade baits shaped into small discs." 

The UK National Newspaper "The Sun" "Tim Richardson has caught a 99.12LB catfish in the UK."  

UK "Angler's Mail" "Pallatrax" competition winner: Tim Richardson: Catching the "Same two 75LB and 50LB catfish TWICE within just 4 days" on homemade baits and ground baits - a true "Preposterous Tale!" (Also catching another catfish fishery record - 54LB)  

UK "Angler's Mail" June 2006 "Tim Richardson - Winner: Fox Carp Challenge Southern. "Homemade paste baits have tempted four UK forties for Tim Richardson: mirrors of 46.4LB, 40.12LB, commons of 45.4LB, 42.4LB...  all in three short sessions. (A fourth session resulted in a lake record catfish of 54LB, a 32.8LB common and 15 big tench up to 9.4LB.)"   

UK "Angler's Mail"  "Carp of 46.4LB and a common of 45.4LB: Tim Richardson has returned with another brace of forties. Baiting with his own recipe paste for 24 hours before banking this 42.4LB common and just three hours later, he had a 40.12LB mirror. He hooked both fish on strings of tiny paste baits fished on Kamasan B175 hooks. 

Mike M, Norfolk "I've used your e-books secrets as you suggested to drastically improve my results on the shop-bought baits I prefer to use. On average my catches are now double and sometimes treble or even more I used to catch. Just amazing - I had no idea what I'd been missing... Cheers!" fishing bait recipes design and boilies secrets by Tim Richardson 

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