How to make homemade carp bait with lipped Mussel extract!

Everyone knows that one of the top most powerful bait additive for big carp and giant catfish is green lipped must extract! After decades of experience I can tell you how to best use it, and why these fish get so stimulated by it! You can easily use green-lipped mussel and betaine-rich substances to improve your catches! Here are some secrets and suggestions that will really make you think and more catch big fish!

You might think instant baits are those over loaded with riff, but green-lipped fermentation (or GLM for short) when included in fishing baits certainly provides outstandingly well-proven reasons for fish to be attracted to your baits and consume them with more excitement! I do mean including it in any bait, of any format, any flavour. I say this because I have found it works seriously well in any sweet, fruity, spicy, milky, savoury, even sour or umami baits of many formats and recipes that I have made.

I include in my list boilies of open and more closed textures, soft and rock hard baits, and long-lasting and almost dissolving boilies and pellets. GLM is outstandingly successful used in ground baits, spod mixes, mixes method, stick mixes, pastes, and in with sea food and meat baits uniquely dusted on, and so in homemade liquid bait soaks that I have made. I have even used it in liquid foods and concentrated flavours and natural riff and enhancers to flavour fake corn, foam and other such baits I have so often used with great success of big fish. I always recommend using if fake baits to use these in conjunction with really potent, feeding trigger-packed homemade baits!

As soon as you open a bag of green lipped must extract its intensely pungent aroma powerful hits and pervades your senses! This natural extract is among the most successful big-fish Bayt of additive ever! As a naturally protein additive it has a reputation for excellent catches when used (most usually from 1 to 10 percent plus of boilie and pellet mixes, base) but it is awesome in ground baits, pastes and countless other applications too!

Green-lipped mussel extract from New Zealand is considered one of the most reliable top quality nutritional carp bait additive! There are various different grades and forms of products available on the market from various suppliers but the best is de-fatted and sourced through CC Moore bait company who is apparently the biggest importer of this unique product!

The natural potency of GLM means that the more you include in your bait the more powerful the potential impacts upon fish feeding becomes, however the natural feed-triggering betaine content of this product will not power over fish senses, as the betaine content is low enough in concentration not to do this! Do not be afraid to over load with GLM in literally any homemade baits you chose to make or boost with it!

Therefore it is the kind of natural product that has no inclusion level limit other than your specific fish sensory impact design choices built into your baits and your budget. I have made boilies, pellets, pastes and many forms of free baits using a 50 percent inclusion of green-lipped must albeit in very small volumes as it is a top quality protein type premium additive that costs more than many lesser additives and ingredients! In certain instances when designing baits with additives that can have unlimited inclusion with such potent impacts on so many levels it is wise to use the highest levels you can, particularly if your aim is to achieve as many bites as you can – sooner rather than later!

Most GLM products I have used over the last few years have I’ve been informed contain a natural betaine content of over 4 percent. Apart from other nutritionally-stimulating factors, the significant presence of betaine within GLM makes it an exceptional feeding stimulator used endless baits and Bayt formats! Typical top-quality green-lipped must extract from New Zealand, content has an over 80 percent protein, and contains water soluble amino acids and other nutritionally-stimulating and attractive vitamins, minerals and trace elements (among various other factors.)

It seems to me that low molecular weight compounds such as nucleotides figure very much when assessing what turns on carp and must mantle tissue certainly displays changes in these which I find really interesting in regards to why and when maybe fish like carp feed on them at particular times more than others (i.e. maximum levels in autumn!)

An aquaculture feed designer from the Netherlands told me that even using 2 percent of betaine by 1000grams of dry food (or boilie base mix for example) can make to appreciable difference to fish feeding responses! I mention this because betaine is obviously a massive part of GLM products’ attraction as these almost invariably contain at least 4 percent natural betaine or more if especially optimised for fish digestion and cold water conditions etc by being de-fatted!

GLM is one of those exceptional ingredients to exploit to help maximise fish feeding as well as to help optimise baits your baits! In my opinion, although you can catch fish by exploiting various fish senses simultaneously on many levels, exploiting very power natural feeding triggers such as those found in GLM is a very easy angle of attack to exploit that can make catching carp that much easier, and so fill you with extra confidence!

Many anglers think only of GLM use in boilies and pellets, and maybe paste odd in the. But it is awesome used in very many other applications too; all it takes is to think much more about adding it to almost any bait you can think of, then ideas materialize extremely rapidly as can much improved fishing results! Liquid shellfish extract boosted with extra GLM and betaine used in PVA bag mixtures really get type fish excited. But why not think about all the possibilities! Revealed in my unique readymade Bayt and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

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