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Exploit these vital homemade – readymade carp fishing bait secrets of boilies, pellets, paste, recipe components, stick and slop mixes, secret additives and ingredients, unique fishing bait formulations and recipes, fish senses secrets, vital feeding triggers, flavours secrets and more – hugely improve on all your readymade and homemade baits and catch many more big carp now!

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One-to-One Tuition

Get your boilie recipe and other bait making questions expertly answered, right now! Catch big carp and huge catfish much faster! Grab this unique opportunity to get the quickest short-cut to superior homemade bait making and recipe success, (in new instant-acting ‘beyond food paradigm’ baits!) Get the practical recipe secrets and methods that defeat leading commercial baits! Tim Richardson’s 10 year experience in researching, testing and promoting homemade bait secrets (that beat top readymade baits,) qualifies him uniquely to answer your questions, in his cutting-edge one-to-one tuition, based on his uniquely inspiring bait secrets / recipe design ebooks transforming your confidence, creativity and catches for life!

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The E-Books

Beat the leading readymade boilies and make your most irresistible and successful homemade baits ever! Revealing the essential keys to creating world class recipes and the best instant homemade food bait secrets, including truly superior boilie, paste, stick mix active components, soaks, glugs and far more! These ebooks inspired the modern homemade bait revolution world-wide and are the original unique boilie and bait secrets bibles series others try to copy! These are the most renowned, confidence-building, creative bait and recipe improvement resources available today. Proven in 90 countries, based on 30+ years experience of homemade bait testing, fish feeding responses, optimum levels and recipes, to catch the fish of your dreams!

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blog articles

Blog Articles

Improve your catches! Keep up to date with cutting-edge bait developments in carp and catfish fishing. Plus sharp insights and expert tips, revealing a few unique bait secret bible readers’ experiences. With alternative thinking and proven advice on homemade baits, recipes and defeating readymade baits by Tim Richardson. Focus is on truth of what works best in improving homemade baits of all formats, (not merely boilies) and improving or differentiating popular readymade baits including Cell, live System etc! Open your mind! Forge your own path in creating baits ahead of their time; keep ahead of familiar readymade bait-induced fish feeding caution and catch more big fish faster! Embrace a new world of bait possibilities!

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The Unique Bait Tuition E-Books Series!