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The totally game-changing 800 page, 350 plus photo ultimate instant bait making success secrets Ebook course, for beginners to the most experienced anglers!This brand new absolutely proven epic Ebook answers 100’s of the most vital bait questions from years of real bait tuitions given, and proven through highly refined exceptional baits, levels, combinations, processes, applications and truly exceptional catches, from countless tuition clients of all levels, again and again!


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About Tim Richardson

Make Your Best Carp Baits Ever!

Tim has been studying, testing doing original research on defeating readymade baits and producing truly optimised and maxised baits and writing about big carp and catfish bait full-time for 10 years: with the intention of how to defeat ready made baits, and how to adapt and improve ready made carp baits!

Tim RichardsonHe has been published in numerous European carp magazines and in the USA and had his first bait secrets ebook published in hardback in Russian-speaking territories, and had nearly 600 bait-related articles published world-wide.

He has supplied unique articles for various carp magazines including having an 18 month series on specifics of “Carp food” within Crafty Carper magazine, with no bait company bias, just what truly works best!

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Recommendations for Tim’s new dynamic bait course Ebook and writings!

Graham Roland

Winter, 2016

Hi Tim, following your tuition course, and reading I have had a 62 lb, 50 and 41 pound carp plus thirties in 2015 a session; thank you for your inspiration! I have so many more exciting ideas than I have time available to fish! This is absolutely great and has caused me to change constantly!! But I have been far more disciplined, analytical and methodical lately. I made my own hook baits with lots of attraction. My best syndicate result of 2015 has been on a small syndicate with only 10 pegs. For example: I fished an overnighter, all the pegs were taken with 3 or 4 rods on each peg, and I had 6 fish: 1 was the biggest common in the lake!

James Wright

Aquaculture and fisheries degree lecturer and keen homemade bait maker!

43.7LB: One of the lake’s very biggest carp!

James Wright
I have been reading Tim’s work for many years, his writing and ideas have always evoked plenty of thought about different baits, its application and most importantly trying to catch more and larger carp! We discussed testing some baits in tanks with mature lake-caught boilie-wary fish and at a fishery as well as in a highly-pressured big carp angling situation. It wasn’t until I had discussed and witnessed the full potential of Tim’s unique method of bait creation and application with Tim that I could fully appreciate its power and attractiveness to carp! I.e. using the baits in a pressured big carp fishing situation! The next single night session I trialed the bait I used a conventional leading brand boilie on one rod and Tim’s homemade paste baits on the other. The rod with the readymade boilie had no action at all throughout the night. Tim’s homemade paste bait received lots excitingly what I believed to be pick ups – and here is the result; one of the very few lake’s biggest carp!

Paul Stratton

Winter 2015

Paul Stratton
Hi Tim,
Just an update, I only took a 500g block of homemade paste to France and banked 8 out of the total of 19 fish on it, all while using up my ice red feeding it with my new live bait soak on it. Only testing it at certain times in different spots, I also lost a biggie after 20 minutes due to a hook pull, I moved up a size and this equaled no more losses… Sadly didn’t get a chance to see that fish, it just hugged the bottom!

One thing I did notice was that despite feeding the readymade boilies in a live and sticky state, the fish would generally pick up my live homemade paste wrapped bait within an hour of being dropped on the spots; all very encouraging!

The biggest on the paste: 35:04 Mirror known as the “Orange fish.”

I have been pretty engrossed in the course e-book, it’s a monumental volume of work and full of exciting material, so a massive well done on it all! Been having some fun making up another bait with (xxx) main live factors, should be able to give it a go very soon… I hope the new course e-book is receiving the appraisals it deserves, let me know if ever there is anything I can do to help.

1-1 and Group Carp Bait Tuition


The dynamic totally unique cutting-edge bait tuition one day personalised intensive course, that has been proven again and again, against the leading brands of readymade baits over the past 6 years, for beginners to experienced anglers and bait makers!

To book your unique game-changing bait tuition and ask questions about the course and ebook please feel free to call Tim anytime on o1622 832272, or email Tim via the contact page right now!

Game-Changing Big Carp bait making Tuition That Gets Big Results!

Samuel Sanders, First fish from hake 3 pounds 8ounces After Tuition

Samuel Sanders

Caught fish 32 pounds 8 ounces directly after his tuition course, Nov 2015

“Hi Tim,

Hope, all is well?

Just wanted to drop you a message to tell you of my achievement!

Finally got out fishing this weekend since our visit to yourself. We made ourselves a couple different baits and went out and gave it our all. Unfortunately Joe lost a fish but I ended up with this 32lb 8oz Mirror in the dying minutes of our session! I moved to some showing fish in a quiet corner of the lake for the last couple hours and after dropping a combo of homemade baits on a showing fishes head, watching it roll above my bait 3 more times, just as I was about to call it a day over an hour later, the rod tip twitched. And again, and again, till I picked up and it took off!

Words cannot describe how over the moon I am for this fish, not because of the weight, but because of the beauty of this creature, and finally putting and end to a painful blank run I’ve had on this lake all this Year!

What a way to start a winter ticket and first session on homemade baits!

I just want to thank you for everything Tim!

Many thanks,


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